TPK KOJA Container Tracking

Enter TPK KOJA Tracking number to check shipment progress, expected date and any other notification of delivery. Track the status of your Container, Cargo, Shipment at any time during and after delivery.

Terminal Petikemas Koja – TPK KOJA Customer Support:-

Contact Phone Number: +62-21-437-4142
FAX: +62-21-437-4150
Headquarters Address: Jl. Digul No. 1 Tanjung Priok, Jakarta Utara 14210 Indonesia

About TPK KOJA Container:-

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When the time comes you need to move home or relocate aside from the family possessions, you want to think about a means to transfer your pet(s). When it’s across the nation or continent or perhaps abroad, it’s essential to make the very best and safest preparation for your pet move.

The regulations regarding international automobile shipping are somewhat stricter than those needed for transport in a nation. All automobiles have to maintain good working order until they may be loaded for transportation. If a vehicle is inoperable, it is going to stay about the loading docks until it’s functioning and you’ll be billed for storage for this amount of time. Only factory installed equipment could be around the vehicle, they should not include any personal items along with also the keys have to be left with the vehicle. Firms are on a rigorous program and will just accept automobiles which are there if the boat is prepared to leave.

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